EGU 2019 – learning about outreach

EGU2019_RichterGurgiser_ScreenTogether with my friend and colleague Wolfgang Gurgiser I do a lot of outreach. We go to schools, offer hands-on workshops, participate and present our work at folk festivals and much more. Most of this, we do in our free time and without a professional training – common sense helped us getting started and with more and more experience we kind of figured out what works and what doesn’t. And living in the middle of the Alps, we have the advantage of breathtakingly beautiful nature in our backyard. A nature that is changing quite a bit – most spectacularly presented by the retreating glaciers. This has been noted by the older and is also known by the younger. Very often, we capitalise on this fact in our outreach activity to draw peoples attention towards the more broader subject of climate change. Why are glaciers changing? Has this happened before? What is different this time? And what are the impacts of retreating glaciers? Can they be felt far away from the changing glacier? What else is changing? This approach works fine for us. And that’s why we decided to share it at this years EGU session on Climate Change Education. We do hope for feedback, and also lots of input on how we can improve and extend our outreach activities.

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