Ice Climate Education in Austria this year!

For the first time, the Ice Climate Education camp took place outside Scandinavia in the Tyrolian Alps. This year, nine students from Europe, South Africa and, for the first time, Bangladesh participated to learn about the causes and impacts of climate change. Take a look here for photos and the daily diary.


The mandatory photo shooting: The world in our hands!

One of the highlights of the camp was the hike to the tongue of the Gepatschferner (Ferner is the Austrian word for glacier). It is Austrias second largest glacier. It drains into the relatively narrow valley that can be seen on the photo, resulting in some of the fastest flowing ice velocities in that region. The tongue also retreats rapidly –  about 91 m in 2014 which was the largest retreat of all Austrian glaciers.


Gepatschferner as seen from Fluchtkogel

The next picture was taken a couple of weeks later in the end of August and shows the upper part of the glacier. It is mostly snow free and the crevasses are easy to spot. The photograph of the glaciers tongue was taken from the far right of the picture where you can also see the 1850 moraine. This shows how much thicker the ice was when the glacier started to retreat after the end of Little Ice Age.




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