BE OPEN Science Festival

The Austrian Research Fund (FWF) celebrated it’s 50th anniversary by arranging a Science Festival in the heart of Vienna. For five days, the Maria-Theresien Platz was populated with white pavilions filled with some of the best scientists Austria has to offer … Continue reading

Science that rhymes

Well, the title of this post already sets the tone on what is NOT to come. Decent poetry, that is. However, for my latest paper that was published a while ago I got inspired and wrote an alternative abstract. In … Continue reading

A shrinking glacier

This summer I went on a beautiful hike to Kesselwandferner (Ferner = austrian word for glacier) and beyond. When we came back my friend looked through some pictures he took on the same hike almost 10 years earlier in 2006. … Continue reading

Debris covered glaciers

One day in September, I joined my friend and colleague Lindsey on her field work to Suldenferner. Lindsey is a glaciologist with a particular interest in debris covered glaciers. I only learnt of the existence of this kind of glacier … Continue reading