Sea level rise contributions from glaciers (2013-2016)

Sea level rise and change along the northern European coast and global sea level rise projections (2010-2012)

Influence of large-scale atmospheric forcing on North Atlantic – Nordic Seas Ocean Circulation (2006 – 2011)

DeNordiskeHavAlthough the Nordic Seas (Iceland, Greenland and Norwegian Sea) cover only 0.75 % of the area of the World Ocean they play a key role in the global thermohaline circulation, being the main connection between the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic. The dense overflow over the Greenland Scotland ridge feeds the North Atlantic with deep bottom water whereas the inflow of Atlantic water is a major reason for the mild climate in northern Europe. Beside estuarine and buoyancy forcing the interaction of the ocean and the atmosphere through wind forcing is a major factor influencing the variability of the circulation in the Nordic Seas.
Available observations and model results were combined to investigate the variability in inflowing strength and water properties on interannual to decadal time scales.


Mixing and internal waves in an Arctic fjord (2004 – 2005)

IMG_7532Two experiments were performed in the western Barents Sea with focus on Storfjorden. Storfjorden is a sill-fjord in the Svalbard Archipelago where significant dense water production takes place resulting occasionally in overflow of dense water at the sill.